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The PWN Global membership base is home to some incredible thought leaders who are experts in their fields - that includes YOU! Our philosophy of sharing and supporting one another to develop professionally means that we love it when our members share their knowledge via short learning videos, editorial pieces or even research results - it is also a really effective way to leverage visibility for you and your business.

If you have content to share, we'd love to hear from you!

  • Unlock the Power of Your Unconcious Brain

    Transformational experiences usually occur when we surrender. When we finally let go. When we let our guard down long enough for something to happen. Something unexpected. Some new realisation or a breakthrough. This webinar deals directly with your ability for creativity which is a critical skill in any field. It focuses on the unconscious, the ability to draw out from our own unconscious ideas and concepts to solve problems. The techniques which we will apply are designed to pre-pattern transformational experiences that allow us to let our guard down and to slip-stream into the unconscious. 

    Through a series of exercises you will develop both, an understanding of creativity and increase your own ability.


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  • How to Lead Like a Coach

    Leaders are under great pressure to produce results at a faster pace, using fewer resources with many more options to choose from. Coaching is the smart way for you to deal with these pressures. When leaders coach they support their team to get more and better work done. 

    But it’s hard for leaders to coach when everyday pressures seem all-consuming. Finding the time to coach seems just another challenge. 

    When you take the time to coach, people trust more, work smarter, collaborate better, and are more innovative. They listen and ask questions rather than tell others what to do. People seek their own answers and become more resourceful. They work more effectively together because they engage in dialogue. Rather than see resistance as a threat, it’s an opportunity to explore other perspectives. 

    Listen to Dr Karen Morley explore this interesting topic that will leave you with pragmatic techniques that you can put into practise straight away with little effort that create maximum impact.

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  • How to make the most of your mentoring relationship

    Mentoring is recognised as a cost-effective and impactful way to prepare future business leaders. In the past three years 60% of people who participated in a PWN mentoring programme have gone on to achieve their life change goal, including promotions and career changes. 

    As a mentee, the secret to getting the most out of your mentoring relationship is being clear and intentional about what you want to get. Too often mentees have a vague sense of what they'd like from their mentor or they simply wait to see what their mentor offers them. This webinar will help you learn how to be the driver in your mentoring relationship - and in your career! 

    Get your pen and paper ready because this working session will be hands on! 

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  • Where the Head and the Heart Meet: How to Hone Your Influencing Skills

    The ability to get your voice heard, get buy in for your ideas and effect change are key skills if you want to advance your career. However, these are areas where women sometimes feel challenged.

    In this webinar, Susan Ritchie explains why developing your emotional intelligence – where your heart meets your head - is the key to becoming more influential, persuasive and more successful.

    As always with Susan’s webinars, you’ll leave with practical ideas for developing your learning to understand and connect more deeply with others around you, how to ensure that your ideas get heard and how to build positive relationships that bring robust business benefits for yourself, your team and your organisation. 

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  • The Power of Building the Right Relationships and Networks

    Cooperation with people in open supportive relationships is the way of the future. Being overly autonomous, independent, competitive, and action-oriented creates an environment of isolation, power mongering, and self-centeredness. The competitive, overly-individualized cultures we live in encourages hierarchy and aggression. Many people who are successful in business realize this and have begun to base their work on collaboration and relationship building. 

    We now must move to a model of working and building successful business that includes compassion and concern for others in a non-competitive, inclusive, relational way. This involves building relationships that have meaning and benefit all parties.  There is an art to doing this. When we build these qualities into our day to day life and add in the gift of valuing clear communication the results often lead to great satisfaction and success in business and life.

    Join Maureen for an hour learning and personal reflection on specific ways you can improve and grow your relationships and network in a collaborative way.

    Specific take always available to you include:

    • A chance to look at your own personal style of relationship building and networking to gain awareness of what is working and what can be improved.
    • New and innovative skill sets to support you to build relationships and to collaborate
    • The opportunity to set new clear intentions in the area of relationship building and networking that are inclusive and dynamic and lead to increased satisfaction and success
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