PWN Amsterdam: Dare To Be A Girl Symposium

19 January 2017 17:30 CET - 22:00 CET LLOYDHotel & Cultural Embassy

We are proud to announce that our 2017 PWN Amsterdam kick-off event is in collaboration with TVP Foundation.

# DareToBeAGirl is an evening where women and men dare to take part to be supported, to be empowered, to be guided, but most of all to be inspired to create change.

In the TEDx ‘style’, invited guest speakers will share facts and personal stories that will enlighten us on matters of leadership, empowerment, equality, human rights and humanism.

Our goals for the symposium are:

  • To support the advancement of women, to learn and grow.
  • To empower women to propel themselves into leadership roles.
  • To create awareness about the position of women today.
  • To create calls to action.

Our Keynote Speaker:

Sybilla Dekker, Ambassador, Talent to the Top (Talent naar de Top). We are so pleased that Sybilla has agreed to be our Keynote Speaker. Sybilla is not alone in her quest of having women be an equal part of the decision making voice in the Netherlands. However, she has and continues to be, committed to fostering leadership and empowerment of women and minorities in the labor market and in organizations. Sybilla, we welcome you and so look forward to hearing you share your vision and ideas. Please see Sybilla's bio below. 

Our Master of Ceremonies: Allison Hamilton-Rohe, owner of DailyOutfit and a PWN Amsterdam member and one of our Mentoring Leads, has accepted to take on the role of MC for this event. Please see Allison's Bio below.

Guest Presenters: The following guest speakers will share their stories and their inspiration. One word that captures the essence of all these speakers is 'Dare'. These are definitely 'Women on the Move'!

If you scroll to the bottom of this page, you will find a number of bio's for the guest speakers. For information about the other speakers, you can click on their name for their LinkedIn profile.

  • Sabine Nӧlke, Ambassador of Canada to the Kingdom of the Netherlands (see Bio below)
  • Lin McDevitt-Pugh, Author and environmental/human right’s activist (see Bio below)
  • Sheetal Shah, Head of Department Behavioral and Social Sciences Webster University - Leiden (see Bio below)
  • Maja Groff, Senior legal officer Permanent Bureau Hague Conference on Private International Law (see Bio below)
  • Ghida Ibrahim, Data Scientist/ICT Engineer/Social Entrepreneur (see Bio below)
  • Esther Mollema, Thought leader on (gender) diversity in high performance organizations (HPO) (see Bio below)
  • Astrid van Heumen, Managing Partner at Corporate Casting (see Bio below)
  • Eleni Skarveli, Director for Benelux of the Greek National Organisation of Tourism
  • Bea Haring, Partner EY (see Bio below)
  • Saskia Maas, Founder Boom Chicago 
  • Manuela Damant, Founder Open The Door Leadership (see Bio below)
  • Emmy McCarthy, Founder Stichting Amsterdam Mamas/McCarthy Consulting
  • Corrine Dettmeijer, Dutch National Rapporteur on Trafficking in Human Beings and Sexual Violence against Children (see Bio below)

Registration Details: 

This event is open to members and non-members and men are more than welcome as guests. Registration is required. Members and guests please see the side bar for the symposium fees.

For our non-members:
We are waiving the 2 event maximum for this evening’s symposium. For information regarding membership, please send an email to

Additional Payment Info:
For those of you who don’t want to use our current online registration options, here is our bank account information where you can make the payment for the event. Please ensure that you note it is for the ‘DTBG’ event and send an email to to let Mary Jane know you have registered. She will put you on our attendee list. Our bank account name and number is: PWN Amsterdam NL64 ABNA 0544802624

A BIG thank you to our two main symposium sponsors! 



Event details

LLOYDHotel & Cultural Embassy
Oostelijke Handelskade 34, 1019 BN
Member price
€25 per attendee
Non-member price
€35 per attendee


19 January 2017
Dare To Be A Girl Symposium
17.30 - 18.00 Registration and Networking
18.00 - 18.15 Introductions by TVP and PWN
18.15 - 20.00 Guest Presenters
20.00 - 20.20 Break with an Antigone presentation

2 Actors from the Antigone production will act out some short scenes produced by TVP Foundation.

20.25 - 21.45 Guest Presenters
21.45 - 22.00 Q&A of Speakers
22.00 - 22.30 Networking in the lounge/bar area

Cash bar


  • Ms Manuela Damant
    Founder Open The Door VIEW PROFILE
  • Ms Sybilla Dekker
    Ambassador Talent to the Top VIEW PROFILE
  • Ms Sabine Nölke
    Ambassador of Canada to the Kingdom of the Netherlands Canadian Government VIEW PROFILE
  • Ms Lin McDevitt-Pugh
    Founder/Author Netsheila VIEW PROFILE
  • Ms Sheetal Shah
    Head of Department of Behavioral & Social Sciences Webster University/Bijlmer Bridge2Hope Project VIEW PROFILE
  • Ms Ghida Ibrahim
    ICT Engineer/Founder of Rafiqi Liberty Global/Rafiqi VIEW PROFILE
  • Ms Bea Haring
    Partner and Member Board of Directors EY VIEW PROFILE
  • Ms Maja Groff
    Senior Legal Officer Hague Conference on Private International Law VIEW PROFILE
  • Ms Esther Mollema
    Director Direction VIEW PROFILE
  • Ms Corinne Dettmeijer
    National Rapporteur Photo: ‘© Ivar Theunissen/I am Ivar’ VIEW PROFILE
  • Ms Allison Hamilton-Rohe
    Owner Daily Outfit VIEW PROFILE
  • Ms Astrid van Heumen
    Co-owner and Managing Partner Corporate Casting VIEW PROFILE

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