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PWN Amsterdam AGM June 2014

The Board of PWN Amsterdam enjoy celebrating the achievements of our great network and members each year at our Annual General Meeting (AGM). On June 24th this year, we hosted our AGM at The Rosarium in Amsterdam, celebrated with our members and guests, enjoyed the culinary delights of The Rosarium and were entertained by the great Boom Chicago! They consolidated the best of PWN Amsterdam in a hilarious, high energy performance. The AGM is a true example of the great connection, sharing and inspiration we aim for, and we'd like to share this clip with you...

PWN AMSTERDAM from PWN Amsterdam on Vimeo.

She was inspirational – Marriet Schuurman shared her journey

Marriet Schuurman
A diplomat’s journey–Marriët Schuurman NATO Secretary General’s Special Representative for Women, Peace and Security

The life of a diplomat resembles a journey. A trip, which is taking you to places and situations, you dreamed of as a young girl. The key is to stay who you really are, shared Special Representative Marriët Schuurman. Don’t compromise who you are or what you believe in.

PWN Amsterdam had the pleasure to meet with Marriët Schuurman on February 17th 2015 in Hotel Casa 400. Members and guests listened to her experiences as a Foreign Services Dutch diplomat (having served in Russia, Africa and the Balkans). This past October, she was appointed as NATO Secretary General’s Special Representative for Women, Peace and Security.

We received some important advice from her:

A woman in a male setting is already visible. Make sure you are visible.
Women are often underestimated in their professional lives or are often judged. However, that misconception or judging can be a benefit. Being underestimated turns to advantage, since we can then prove ourselves positively – if we dare!
Women can dare to knock on any door they want. Say YES to the opportunities that knock on your door. They have a good reason to be knocking, so don’t second guess yourself or the person who is asking.
Vulnerability is a strength, while speaking of her own personal and professional career decisions.

She is embraced by the idea for which she is dedicated – a female role/perspective in conflict situations with peace as the goal.

NATO is opening up to recognizing women in the role of peacemaking and civil policymaking, especially for countries in conflict. Marriët is initiating NATO’s recent mandate to include the empowerment of women in this role and to shows the irreplaceable function of women in building peace and democracies.

Women are in a great place to de-radicalize fundamental beliefs. Women can reach to the source of conflicts with which they have a valuable voice and understanding of problems. Marriët’s priority, especially in the counties with post-war syndrome or undergoing military conflicts, is to show the importance of empowering women in the peace process.

PWN Amsterdam members and guests greatly enjoyed the journey with a NATO diplomat filled less with politics but with actions, ambitions and passion.

‘He came, he organised, he conquered’


We can all liken our lives to a battlefield at times, with a multitude of things fighting for attention. But, according to David Allen, anyone can achieve stress-free productivity by following a simple process when organising our private and work lives.

And as if it were a premonition of the evening ahead, the rain that had been pelting down all day lifted just before the start of last week’s event as if it had been scheduled.

‘Getting things done’, presented by David Allen, was a hugely popular event.  Over 150 women and men came to network and listen to David. He kicked the evening off by refreshingly informing us, that what we were about to hear was not some kind of mystical secret art, but based on simple common sense.

His  is based on 5 simple steps:

  • Capture (collect what has your attention)
  • Clarify (process what it means)
  • Organize (put it where it belongs)
  • Reflect (review frequently)
  • Engage (simply do!)

David broke these steps down in an easy to understand and engaging way, interacting with the audience, dispelling myths and answering specific questions in a Q&A session at the end. It was an inspiring and uplifting start to 2015.

PWN Amsterdam would like to extend thanks to our members and guests for attending and making the evening a success, its volunteers for their work in organising it and to David for an entertaining and educational evening.

We hope to see you all at another event soon.

Photographs courtesy of Rubianca Han Simmelsgaard /www.rubianca.com   
All photographs of the evening can be viewed at:
Password: network

RSM Rotterdam: Negotiations, The Key to Career Success. A Master Class for Women

csm_ShiraMor_5b604b65f4    Dianne
Supporting our Women and Money pillar
This is a PWN Amsterdam Partner event.
RSM Erasmus Centre for Women and Organisations (ECWO) presents:

“Let us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiate” John F. Kennedy.

In today’s knowledge economy, negotiation among peers is at the heart of just about every successful endeavor. If you seek to develop your career path and maintain your professional and personal interests you need to be familiar with negotiation tools and techniques that would allow you to leverage your knowledge and strength. This taste-tester workshop is targeted at women who want to negotiate from a position of knowledge and strength while keeping their social relationships intact.

The facilitators are Dr Shira Mor and Prof Dianne Bevelander

This master class is targeted at women who want to negotiate from a position of knowledge and strength while maintaining their social relationships intact.

A separate full-day course will be offered on 31 March 2015. If you are interested, please sign up via this link: http://www.rsm.nl/nfw Contact Karolina van der Werff detailskwerff@rsm.nl

Event Details

Date: Thursday, 19 February 2015
Time: 18.30 – 21.30 hrs
Venue: Burgemeester Oudlaan 50 Bayle Building, 3062 PA Rotterdam

18.30  Registration
19.00  Workshop
20.30  Networking

The standard fee for this event is 30,- euro. PWN Amsterdam members receive a 17.5% discount. Please register here!